E & R Professional Driver Training Centre is licensed and bonded under the Motor Vehicle Act through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. We are an approved graduated licensing facility and are certified class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and airbrakes instructors. At our driving school, we offer a complete range of programs that are not only for drivers wanting to retrain or upgrade their skills, but for new drivers as well.


Located in Vanderhoof, E & R Professional Driver Training Centre is a family owned and operated business since 1995. As a premier driving school serving Prince George, Vanderhoof, Terrace & Area, we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer all our customers. Our services can be tailored to your needs, call us for pricing

Learning to drive is an exciting and important time for people and heading into winter brings forth new driving challenges. The danger of skidding is greatest when you are taken by surprise. Since not all vehicles respond in the same way to icy, slippery roads, learn how to handle your vehicle in all types of weather. Trust E&R Professional Driving Training Centre to help you to ensure you have the best training possible to navigate those winter roads. We at E & R Professional Driving Training Centre are here to help you be the best driver you can be and want all drivers out there to stay safe out on the roads. Give us a call at 250-567-4022 to get you navigating those winter roads with ease with a winter driving lesson. Remember these tips for winter...


• Winterize your vehicles.

This should include an examination of the spare tire, battery, belts, hoses, anti-freeze, tires, brakes, heater, defroster and windshield wipers.

• Carry an emergency road kit in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo space.

• Clear all snow and ice completely off windows, side view mirrors, headlights, taillights and licence plates.

• Try to keep your vehicle’s fuel tank more than half full. The extra volume can help reduce moisture problems in your fuel system and it adds extra weight to your vehicle. A topped-up gas tank will also be an asset if you become stranded.


• Slow down when conditions aren’t ideal. The posted speed limit is intended for ideal road conditions.

Even if road signs say you may drive 100 km/h, that doesn’t mean you should if the road is icy or snow covered.

• Motorists have a legal obligation to drive according to road conditions.

You can be charged with a traffic offence by police if you are found not to be doing so.

• Keep your headlights on all the time - don’t rely on daytime running lights.

Low beams are more effective than high beams in fog or heavy snow conditions.

• Never use cruise control in winter conditions.


E&R Professional Driver Training Centre are certified to teach class 1, 2, 3 and 4 licences. These commercial driver’s licenses allow you to drive commercial vehicles, including taxis, ambulances, school buses and vehicles with more than two axles such as dump trucks and large commercial transport trucks.

E & R Professional Driver Training Centre can also teach your new driver or help you to enhance your skills to cope with driving on today’s roads for class 5 & 7 licences.

E & R Professional Driver Training Centre offers as many or as few lessons as the student requires

and a car to use on your road test. Our services can be tailored to your needs.

Commercial Training
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Car Training
Motorcycle Training

"I took a motorcycle course with Ernest and Mike in 2005. From rarely riding a motorcycle to being able to feel comfortable on the road, they were kind and patient, as well as being thorough instructors. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and have recommended E&R to several of my peers since."

Chris, Prince George, BC

"I had awesome training by Ernest for my class 1. The training I received has saved myself in tricky situations a handful of times. I highly recommend E&R for skill and confidence upgrades, and for excellent commercial driver training."

Aaron, Vanderhoof, BC


"I've never ridden a motorcycle before in my life, after taking the course with E & R I had the skills I needed to pass the ICBC road test. Highly recommend these guys."

Katherine, Prince George, BC


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