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E & R Professional Driver Training Centre has been a family owned and operated business since 1995. As a premier driving school serving Central BC, we pride ourselves on the personal service we offer all our customers.


E & R Professional Driver Training Centre specializes in motorcycle rider training. Our ICBC certified motorcycle course teaches the riding skills needed to cope with today’s traffic and hazards. Courses are limited to 10 riders so that every student receives personalized instruction. Soon you will be hitting the road and creating your own memorable adventures.

We are certified to teach class ICBC MELT class 1 program as well as class 2, 3 and 4 licences. These commercial driver’s licenses allow you to drive commercial vehicles, including taxis, ambulances, school buses and vehicles with more than two axles such as dump trucks and large commercial transport trucks. E & R Professional Driver Training Centre courses include, commercial transport theory, load security theory and practical and on-road training and text books. Airbrake training and classes are held monthly.

Let E & R Professional Driver Training Centre teach your new driver or help you to enhance your skills to cope with driving on today’s roads. All in-car lessons are one-on-one in our automatic transmission training vehicles. E & R Professional Driver Training Centre offers as many or as few lessons as the student requires and car rentals for use on your road test. Our services can be tailored to your needs.

Our Instructors coach and promote independent thinking to help our students develop self-evaluation skills that create responsible and safe driving attitudes, as well as confidence in everyday situations.  Our training techniques make learning fun and rewarding.  Through coaching, positive feedback, and the ability to simplify any maneuver into easy, achievable steps, our Instructors focus on communicating with our students, ensuring each student receives exceptional value from every lesson. E&R Professional Driver Training Centre team is a hard working team of distinct individuals, all of whom share a passion for aiding students with diverse abilities and teaching the skills necessary to perform well in an ever changing driving environment.













Ernest Martens has been a resident of Vanderhoof all his life and a professional driving instructor for since 1995. Prior to opening the driving school, Ernest drove logging truck in the Vanderhoof area for a number of years. Currently specializing in Class 1 MELT program as well as corporate defensive driving courses and motorcycle training. Ernest is proud of the business he founded and pleased to be a contributing business member of Vanderhoof and is an active Vanderhoof council member.

Rosie Martens handles all the in car driving lessons. Defensive driver training equips drivers - both new and experienced - with the necessary driving skills to reduce collisions and accidents by educating drivers to recognize and avoid potentially dangerous situations before they happen. Rosie loves to share her joy of driving with new and old students alike. A fun and patient teacher, Rosie has hands-on experience with children who have Autism, and ADHD from her many years working in the school district. She is able to teach on a variety of different levels and skills to help her students achieve their driving goals. 


Mike Martens is one of the motorcycle instructors with E&R Professional Driver Training Centre. Quick thinking, funny and intuitive, Mike excels at making motorcycle training a positive and memorable experience for students. He is passionate about helping new riders enjoy a lifetime of safe riding, and helping them begin with a solid foundation.


Wayne Woods is a ICBC Class 1 MELT specialist.  Wayne possesses a calm and steady nature, and conveys those traits to his students, guiding them with ease through their lessons. A great fit for students who wish to be guided by a steady hand but are also prepared to be challenged to fulfill their best driving abilities. Wayne has been in the truck driving industry for a great many years and has recently turned that career into instructing. 

All of E&R Professional Driver Training Centre instructors have numerous real life, on the job experiences that they can coach and promote confidence while building positive outcomes to ensure confident and capable drivers. All instructors aim to make BC's highways safer for everyone one student at a time.  If you’re ready to embrace life on the road the team at E&R Professional Driver Training Center will give you the support, knowledge, and confidence you need in the driver’s seat.

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