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Camping, exploring, and getting out into the mountains and countryside towing a recreational house trailer along with you on your trip, you may be required to upgrade your licence. E&R Professional Driver Training Centre are here to help.


Most people who purchase a new camper trailer, or upgrade to a larger unit are excited about getting out and experiencing all that our magnificent region has to offer. If this is you, you need to be aware that a driver is required to successfully pass both a written and practical exam for any trailer exceeding 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lbs). This will give the driver an endorsement on their licence in order to satisfy ICBC requirements. 


Endorsements are placed on a licence to ensure that you can safely operate a motor vehicle based on your own experience, qualifications, specific skills, and abilities. For a trailer that is exceeding 4,600 kilograms (10,000 lbs), and neither truck nor trailer are air brakes equipped you will be need a House Trailer Endorsement also known as Endorsement 07.


Although advances in materials and design have made trailers lighter, the addition of numerous creature comforts and slides have significantly increased overall weights. Be sure you know the weight of your unit by getting it weighed at a public scale.


What's Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)?

The Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) is the combined weight of the trailer and its load.

How to check your trailer's weight?

Take your trailer to a weigh scale when it's fully loaded. Fill up the water and propane tanks as you would when travelling and include the gear you plan to carry. Make sure the driver has the correct licence class or endorsements on their licence to drive to the weigh scale.


For drivers obtaining their house trailer endorsement, the pre-trip inspection for the House Trailer may sound daunting, however, we at E&R Professional Driver Training Centre can walk you through the process, breaking it down into simple steps.  This will make that pre-trip inspection go from a daunting task to one of second nature.


The pre-trip inspection, is the key to a safe vehicle and can save the expenses by detecting problems before you begin your journey. E&R Professional Driver Training Centre has experienced instructors that will help you learn about the increased weight of the vehicle and how this reduces acceleration and the longer braking distances required. 


E&R Professional Driver Training Centre will teach you new skills that will allow you to make adjustments for the vehicle’s unique handling characteristics. Further, E&R Professional Driver Training Centre, will teach you the larger blind spots and how to adjust your driving accordingly and with the increased height of the vehicle, drivers need to develop an awareness of low bridges, overpasses, covers over fuel stations, and other projections from buildings which may potentially damage the unit.  E&R Professional Driver Training Centre has lessons designed for all levels of experience.


E&R Professional Driver Training Center House Trailer Endorsement course trains the student to conduct a comprehensive pre-trip inspection, back the unit safely, and drive defensively. Give us a call today to get your endorsement training started at 250-567-4022.



Side note

You can use a regular driver's licence to tow a fully-loaded recreational trailer weighing up to 4,600 kg gross vehicle weight (GVW) with a two axle vehicle.

For hauling other types of heavy trailers exceeding 4,600 kg GVW, there are different licensing requirements including heavy trailer endorsement and the completion of a medical exam. E&R Professional Driver Training Centre has instructors that can help you gain that Heavy Trailer Endorsement.  Give Ernest a call at 250-567-4022 for more information on the Heavy Trailer Endorsement.

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