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Our student graduates are constantly in demand. Our commercial MELT training program will increase your knowledge of the trucking industry and make you a valuable candidate to potential employers. There is no job quite like the world of trucking, and qualified drivers are in high demand!  

E&R Professional Driver Training Centre is here to help you achieve your trucking industry career goals.  Many jobs require a commercial license and E & R Professional Driver Training Centre can help you succeed in gaining the right driver's license. Our professional and experienced Instructors have the skills to help you feel comfortable and confident while they guide you toward a rewarding career.


As a professional driver you will be exposed to various traffic conditions daily.  E & R Professional Driver Training Centre takes  pride in helping our students develop and maintain professional driving techniques. The skills you develop with us will allow you to handle driving situations in a safe and confident manner.  

Our Instructors coach and promote independent thinking to help our trucking students develop self-evaluation skills that create responsible and safe driving attitudes. Through coaching, positive feedback, and the ability to simplify any maneuver into easy, achievable steps with our students, to make certain you’re receiving exceptional value from every lesson.

Prior to enrolling in a class 1 MELT program, students are required to successfully complete an air brakes and class 1 combination knowledge test at ICBC. British Columbia's class 1 MELT program for new drivers of heavy commercial vehicles sets out a minimum required number of in-cab/on-road driving hours, in-yard hours and theory or in-class hours. 

For more information on how our services, including air brake driver training, can be tailored to your needs—call us for pricing 250-567-4022. 

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