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Motorcycle Training

2024 Motorcycle Training is coming up fast! Ensure you are on the waitlist for upcoming courses by calling Ernest. 250-567-4022



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Secure your spot by booking early as course dates fill fast as courses are limited.

It goes without saying that Motorcycling gives you the ultimate sense of freedom. Scientific studies show that riding a motorcycle is a fantastic way to activate your brain. 


Our ICBC certified motorcycle rider training course teaches the riding skills needed to cope with today’s traffic and hazards, and takes you from beginner to the motorcycle road test at ICBC.



When it comes to motorcycle rider training, we're the full-service choice. We provide helmets, safety vests and motorcycles to use during your lessons and conduct your Motorcycle Skills Assessment as part of the training course. 

Our relationship with ICBC enables our Instructors to conduct the Motorcycle Skills Assessment (MSA) on-site so there’s no need to book and test through ICBC.

  • 10 hours - Skill development

  • 8 hours - Theory discussion, activities and lecture

  • Motorcycle skills assessment (MSA)***

We have a large fleet of Buell® Blast 500s, Yamaha Virago 250s and Honda Rebel 250s will ensure that we will have a motorcycle to fit your level of experience. Our services can be tailored to your needs.



Our course includes; riding maneuvers, the motorcycle skills assessment (MSA) and a full-day traffic skills component (TSC). In addition, the 14-day motorcycle skills test (MST) waiting period can be bypassed by completing your motorcycle training with  E & R Professional Driver Training Centre.

ICBC fees are not included in our Motorcycle Training pricing. Motorcycle Skills Assessments (MSA) are conducted at our locations with our Instructors who are Certified Assessment Officers. 


The course begins with 8 hours of classroom theory which is held Thursday and Friday evening. Here in the classroom you will be introduced to our professional and experienced Instructors who will help you learn how to avoid common mistakes made by riders. E & R Professional Driver Training Centre will help you see what is occurring around you and guide you in making the right choice that will keep you safe as a rider. ​


Saturday and Sunday of our course brings you some hands on experience. Two days of riding with E & R Professional Driver Training Centre will have you learning to balance, turn and stop. As your confidence builds throughout the course our instructors are there to get you into more challenging exercises such as; clutch / throttle control; shifting gears; setting your speed for the turn and emergency braking; braking. With careful well-paced instruction you will learn to master maneuvers on a motorcycle.


Before the course is complete we will conduct your Motorcycle Skills Assessment. Upon successful completion of the MSA, you will head into ICBC to have your learners license upgraded. 

After all you’re hard work practicing in the parking lot our instructors at E & R Professional Driver Training Centre will give you the opportunity to head out on the road in a safe environment as a group. This will give you the opportunity to practice all that has been learned in the classroom as well as the parking lot.

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